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Laura Castillo-Martinez

2017-2018 Club Financiero Español, City of London Scholar

In order to support LSE Scholar Laura Castillo-Martinez, the Advanced Education Trust awarded a £18,000 award for Laura's last year of PhD studies at LSE.

Laura was the receptor of the first Club Financiero Español Scholarship.

Laura read her PhD studies at the Department of Economics of the London School of Economics under the supervision of Prof. Silvana Tenreyro and Prof. Ricardo Reis. Her research focused in the areas of International Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics.

Besides her PhD in Economics at LSE, Laura holds a BSc. with Honors in Economics from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and a MSc. with Distinction in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics from the London School of Economics.

After her PhD, Laura moved to the United States by the end of summer 2019 for a one-year post-doctorate position at the Economics Department of Princeton University.

She is curently an Assistant Professor at Duke University´s Department of Economics.
Laura is a Fellow of Club Financiero Español, City of London.

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