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New Members


Club Financiero Español, City of London very much welcomes new members. A person that complies with the "Qualifications for Membership" requirements, as referred to in the Club's constitution and governing principles, and wishes to become a Member of the Club is mostly welcome.


The candidate will have to be proposed by two existing Fellow Members and introduced to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will then consider the application and communicate the decision to the candidate no later than two weeks after submission. Membership applications are approved by simple majority


City professionals and any individual or corporation with a sincere and honest interest in supporting the economic development of Spain is encouraged to contact the Club and discuss its activities, forms of membership and support.

Please Contact Us /@ the Admission's Department via email.


Qualifications for Membership


A candidate may be considered for membership when he or she has demonstrated one (or more) of the following interests and/or achievements:

  • An interest in serving the public by promoting the understanding of economics, finance and social sciences

  • An interest in supporting the development advanced education in Economics, Finance and Social Sciences

  • An interest in supporting the next generation of World Economic leaders through the Club's scholarship programmes

  • An interest in Spain, its culture,its people and its economic development

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