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Our logo explained








Our logo transmits the Club's values:


Our commitment to serve Spain and the Spanish society by promoting, sustaining and spreading the understanding of economics, finance and social sciences, as well as supporting the development of the next generation of Spanish leaders.


The logo consists of a round striped emblem in gold and passion red, which are the colours of the Spanish national flag. The design is inspired by the idea of a globalised world, arising from the interchange and the dissemination of knowledge and ideas,  trade, capital and movements of people. It transmits a pioneering spirit, and a sense of determination, ambition and triumph. At the same time, it evoques the traditional emblem of Saint James, Patron Saint of Spain, represented by the powerful image of the scallop shell, popular with pilgrims on the Way of Saint James to the apostle's shrine at Santiago de Compostela.

The Club's logo was donated to the Club by the renowned graphic designer and financier Mr. Andres Torrenti-Visiedo. 



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