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Advanced Education Trust Scholarships 


The Advanced Education Trust scholarships are widely known as the Club Financiero Español Scholarships. 


Club Financiero Español Scholarships are opened to PhD students of intellectual excellence and impeccable moral standing who have secured a position at one of the Club's partnering universities (The London School of Economics and Political Sciences, the University of Cambridge, and the University College London) .


Additionally, the Advanced Education Trust Scholarships are also opened to students from other Leading British Universities in the field of Social Sciences such as The London Business School, and The University of Oxford.

Candidates with an extensive international background, with an interest in the economic affairs and sustainable development of Spain, and that share the Club's values, are encouraged to apply for the Scholarships. 


Candidates must submit the Scholarship Programme Application Form, which will then be reviewed by the Scholarship Programme Committee. The candidate is expected to make himself/herself available for an interview or series of interviews (or conference call/s otherwise) with no less than 3 of the Club's Trustees. 


Successful candidates and the Club

Successful candidates are expected to keep a very close relationship with the Advanced Education Trust, the Club and its Fellows during their studies (and attend and participate, when possible, in the events organised by the Club through the year). During the Charity's Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the fourth quarter of every year, all PhD students enrolled in the Scholarship Programme are also expected to deliver a 30-minute presentation to the Club's members on the progress and nature their work, which will be followed by a Q&A session. 


Upon Graduation - Welcome of a New Fellow

Upon graduation, the PhD student will become a permanent "Fellow" of the Club. Membership to the Club carries all the rights and the responsibilities attached to it.  It is therefore expected from all our graduating scholars (now Fellows) that they keep on promoting the Club's values and help supporting the future generations of global economic leaders.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Club on

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