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Marta Guasch Rusiñol

In order to support LSE Scholar Marta Guasch Rusiñol,  the Advanced Education Trust awarded a £48,000 award for Laura's last year of PhD studies at LSE. 

Laura was the receptor of the first LSE Club Financiero Español Scholarship.

From August 2020, Marta is a PhD candidate in economics at the London School of Economics. Her research is supervised by Dr. Ethan ilzetzki, and it is focused on macroeconomics and international finance, including financial crises and financial globalization. She is also teaching assistant of macroeconomics and microeconomics courses at the London School of Economics.

Before joining LSE, she has worked as a research analyst in the Macroeconomics Department of the World Bank and at CaixaBank Research. 

She holds a Master´s degree in Specialized Economic Analysis from the Barcelona School of Economics, and a Bachelor of Sciences in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in Law from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. 

Marta Guasch Rusiñol
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